Skulls and Shackles

First Raid

Meanwhile back on the Arcadian Ocean and 3 days past:
Capt. Mifune – What there’s nothing but fish in the hold? Get Doc over here. Have him choose any fishing equipment we might need. Then set these fishermen free.

Back to the present:
You sail by the village and into the night. (Bluff Check =25, Sense Motive=3) The village has no clue.
Later after darkness engulfs land and sea. A long boat with the Captain, and some crew makes its silent way back to the village. Meanwhile Doc and Soleh slip beneath the waves. The Turtle of Terror makes a huge splash as it enters the water, and Juan in an attempt to be dashing leaps over the side and on to its back. (Acrobatics = 7) Well he’ll get up on the turtle’s back somehow.

Surprise round:
Doc manages to get to the beach first. He spies 8 warriors and 4 guard dogs. He lets loose with burst of negative energy hoping to end the battle before it begins. (2d6=10) Capt. Mifune and 1 crew member manage to kill a couple warriors in their sleep. Leonardo takes a bite out of a dog. Soleh separates his missiles into two other warriors, but the gamble does not pay off. Juan Carlos takes the head off another warrior.

Next round:
Two warriors throw down their spears and run away screaming.
Doc hurls a hunga munga into a warrior’s skull dropping him like a rock.
Apparently Leonardo loves dog meat, as another guard dog disappears. A different dog tries to take a bite of turtle but gets only hard shell.
Another warrior tries to surrender to Soleh, but Soleh just turns him into an ice sculpture.
Juan makes a mighty swing with his great sword cleaving the last warrior in twain and continuing through to shatter Soleh’s sculpture.
Leonardo will finish off the last two dogs.

You Gain: 1 point of Plunder and 3 women for your crew. (They didn’t like how your crew was pointing at them and arguing. They only speak polyglot.)
You lost: 2 NPC crew members, Any slaves you might have wanted, should you choose to be slavers. Also Doc’s big bomb managed to kill everyone else in the village, the young, the old etc. So if you could find the two warriors who ran away you could wipe a complete village out.


Juan: Wow. When did we get so bloodthirsty?

First Raid

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