Skulls and Shackles

Labyrinth Underwater Lair of the Sahugin

Day 290 Continued:

A narrow earthen opening ascends into the cliff above. The cave mouth is a tight fit behind the screening vines and roots, but it looks accessible with a little effort.

The tunnel climbs to a point just below the island’s surface. Sunlight filters faintly through a rent in the earth above, where a gargantuan tree grows down into the rocky soil, its prodigious root system blocking any further progress ahead. The fissures and crevices in the bark of the tree’s trunk, just visible at the roof of the tunnel, vaguely resemble a wrinkled human visage with a craggy crown upon its brow, while the spread of roots below seems like the hoary growth of an ancient beard.

The ground here is rocky soil that must be laboriously excavated with spades and picks. After descending 10 feet, you reach the bedrock of the island and hit a 6-inch-thick layer of wooden planks laid across the pit bottom

Juan Carlos Santiago Sanchez Dia de Marco bravely attacks the wooden planks shattering them and causing him to fall.

The removal of the wooden planks reveals a sinkhole descending into the rock. It drops thirty feet to the still, dark surface of water below. The broken remnants of a wooden platform and stair cling to the wall, but the structures themselves have long since rotted away and dropped into the inscrutable depths.

You have entered the labyrinth underwater lair of the Sahugin. After an ambush and little exploration the party decides to rest.

The tunnel rises above sea level here, creating an air pocket in this series of chambers. The floor is sand and a few items of furniture are scattered about, including a table, a poorly repaired chair, a bed with a sagging frame, and a crude fence of driftwood in the rear of the chamber. The entire cavern is overgrown with vines bearing tiny violet flowers that fill the room with a cloying fragrance.



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