Skulls and Shackles

The Chase begins after a long hard day

Day 292 Continues

Sandara heals your wounds to the best of her ability. Soleh almost dies under the knife of Doc’s apprentice Nurse Vestry. Unfortunately removing the calcified flesh then being healed by Sandara does not restore his dexterity.

Afterwards you rig some lines for a tow. Two longboats, Owlbear, and Juan with Leonardo eventually get the ship out from under the vines. The tojanida politely refuses to help you with manual labor, though he will tell you countless stories of such. A two hour search allows you to relocate the ships anchors.

And it is well into the afternoon, when you are finally satisfied with the condition of the ship.
Time to get that treasure and face down the sorceress. Of course she has had time to heal, grab the treasure and flee.

Back to the sahuagin lair you journey with Owlbear and Sandara. Into a room you did not visit previously…
Curtains of golden seaweed block either end of this room. A crudely chiseled dais sits against the back wall, supporting a stone throne of massive proportions. The throne’s eroded appearance, darkly stained stones, strange runes, and images of one-eyed beasts make it evident that it had sat in the slime at the bottom of the sea for long ages before being dragged up and placed here. The throne has been moved aside presumably with the help of a long iron rod that sits near its base.

The chamber hidden below the great throne is empty save for two chests and the body of Isabella Locke. One is an iron-banded chest decorated with skulls that seems to have held up remarkably well considering its immersion in seawater. The other is a stone box with the image of a fish-headed demon carved onto its lid, whose seams appear to have been sealed by lead. Isabella’s corpse floats near the stone chest whose lead seal has been removed. A heal check by Doc reveals she died of poison and her previous injuries. Captain Mifune finds a key and pockets it for later.

Owlbear easily lifts the iron-banded chest as you return to the throne room. Searching here. . .

Behind the east curtain you find a seaweed bed and some personal items of; you would guess to be the chief’s.

Well that didn’t take long and it is dusk when you get the treasure back aboard and set about trying to open the chest. Captain Mifune’s key works.



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