Skulls and Shackles

The Escape

Day 291:

Many encounters plague the heroes throughout this region, until. . .

Doc tried to stealthily move into the next room but was spotted.
Two sahuagin and a six foot long turtle like creature. The sahuagin were quickly dispatched. The turtle thing was quickly identified as a tojanida.

Follow link.
It loves to talk especially about itself so you can learn everything that is on that page.

It speaks aquan and thought it might be fun to be a mount like Leonardo for a while.
The group being who they are quickly decided that Soleh could ride him.

You also learn the exit to the lagoon is here. A decision is made and the party retrieved the locathah and her eggs and made their exit.

Soleh learns that the Tojanida is very fast and arrives at the ship before anyone else.

Sandara Quinn reports:
Ship was attacked by shark riding sahuagin. Attacked repelled by Sandara, Crimson, and Owlbear in the water while the crew used harpoons and crossbows from the deck. Kroop will be serving Shark for dinner.
The rudder was damaged during the fight and is not operational.
The hull was damaged but not breached.
The lookout believes she spotted sails headed for the other side of the island.



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