Skulls and Shackles

The Scuttlebutt by Giffer Tibbs

The Love Boat

Capt. Mifune is the hot item of the past couple months. Many of the crew spotted and whispered about Rosie Cusswell sneaking off to his cabin in the night. Where whispers in Halfling were heard. His bed was not cold a week before he goes and marries Lady Agasta Smythee. Well she’s earned her cougar badge.
Doc Mitabu still pants whenever Sandara Quinn is around. But, after that whole thing with Slippery Syl most women have been avoiding him. Though, one of the fishing village women has been seen helping him out in the kitchen, with a look in her eye. Watch out Doc there may just be a marriage bug on board.
Maheem may finally tie the knot to Shivikah. They have been in each other’s view for some time and are often found fighting back to back during raids.
Barefoot Samms made her play for Tilly Brackett. Tilly didn’t say yes and she didn’t say no. She may just earn herself a nickname of Teasing Tilly.
Ratline has been throwing himself into his work and into the rum ever since he found out about CM&RC.
Aretta Bansion has been playing games between Jack Scrimshaw and Jaundiced Jape. My money’s on the half-orc.
Crimson Cogward only enjoys fighting and some of the crew wonders if he has ever been with anyone.
Badger is the only one on ship who will give Soleh Lurud the time of day, and conversation. Everyone else parts before him and if they don’t that hulking giant reaches over Soleh and moves them out of the way. Soleh has not made a play for anyone on board, but his skin is a different blue than Doc’s so who knows.
Juan Carlos etc. etc. a lot of the women have been keeping their distance. After all he abandoned his last woman after she got pregnant and Daddy was going to have a marriage of crossed swords. Though some say Sandara has been looking at him out of the corner of her eye.
We really need more gnomes on board. It’s been way to boring around here since Conchobhar died. Even, if he only really had eyes for Rosie.


Juan Carlos is still scratching his head about how everyone knows about the past he left behind (he thinks they know many more details that were blasted in the Cheliax Navy episode). Well, each new port hasn’t heard yet so there is still hope for a good time. Now to only get out of this cell—his coat needs ironing.

The Scuttlebutt by Giffer Tibbs

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