Skulls and Shackles

Tidewater Rock

The intrepid crew of the Thunder Child had heard a story about a tower in the Shackles. If one had possession of the tower and used it as a base of operations, good luck and great renown would be granted to the owners. They set their eyes on said tower. They left the metropolis of Senghor behind them. Unbeknownst to most of the crew Rosie Cusswell left and as gone to ports unknown. The crew’s second ship was dropped off at Rickety Squibs for modifications.

The ship arrived at the tower in the middle of the night and a woman called out from the tower. After a bit of defensive verbal combat, a meeting was arranged between the officers of the ship and the head resident of the tower. The terms, however, were to bring no more than 6 crew, one of which would be held as prisoner during the dinner meeting to ensure proper manners. Soleh Lurud offered to be the prisoner, and Doc Mitabu remained on the ship; Captain Mifune, Juan Carlos Santiago Sanchez Dia de Marco, Crimson Cogward and Ambrose Kroop attended the dinner as guests of Lady Agasta Smythee, a local noble. Come to find out, the tower was the property of the family of Lady Agasta, and had been given to her as her inheritance. In addition, the story of luck and glory was true only if the tower were taken by force. The crew thought they might make some mutual arrangement to borrow the tower to get the luck, but Lady Agasta immediately squashed that line of thinking. Instead, she offered the tower as a temporary base of operations for the growing pirate fleet of the Thunder Child in return for a marriage contract with Captain Mifune. As is common in this part of the world, after a year, the marriage could be dissolved by either party. The captain also made it clear that, as a pirate, he must be gone to sea for extended periods of time and couldn’t be tied down. All was understood and agreed upon.

The wedding took place on shore the next day. As the resident cleric, Doc Mitabu performed the ceremony. Everyone was dressed in their finest. All took notice, however, that Soleh Lurud arrived with Owlbear Hartshorn in tow, the latter carrying a large water barrel filled with something—Soleh Lurud declared it to be a gift to the new couple.

After the ceremony was completed, Soleh Lurud opened the barrel and began a ritual, attaching body parts to an entranced Owlbear Hartshorn to create some ungodly monster. Soleh Lurud continued chanting and entranced many of the wedding guests. This defiance of the laws of nature was too much for the Chelish lawfulness in Juan Carlos de Marco and the latter drew his Great Sword and charged toward Soleh Lurud to end the madness.

“And so begins the entertainment”, says Capt. Mifune

Owlbear Hartshorn did attempt to protect his creator, but fell to the fierce blows of the sword.

“You meddle with things you do not understand, Chel!” says Soleh Lurud as he strides forward, readying Frigid Touch. Soleh Lurud’s blows were but glancing for the righteous zeal of the Chelaxian. The Great Sword hit home twice. Juan Carlos de Marco was bringing Soleh Lurud to death’s door despite the Captain’s orders to stop and Doc Mitabu’s attempts to separate the combatants. After Soleh Lurud fell unconscious from his blows Juan Carlos decides to end Owlbear Hartshorn. But Owlbear Hartshorn used his last reserve of strength to catch Juan Carlos’s sword and fling it into the waves. All the participants were then bound (Doc Mitabu stabilized Soleh Lurud, & Owlbear Hartshorn in the meantime), put on a boat and were taken to the ship.

On this short passage Juan Carlos Santiago Sanchez Dia de Marco sat silent until a large black tentacle rose from the water and touched him Juan Carlos began to gasp and obviously couldn’t breathe. The Captain had Doc Mitabu shove Juan Carlos’ head under the water and suddenly Juan Carlos relaxed and appeared to be breathing water. This only lasted for moments, however; he began thrashing once again and was brought back out onto the boat. Juan Carlos would say nothing other than, “I will no longer be a problem regarding Soleh Lurud.”

Doc Mitabu attempted to get the story of what happened with Soleh Lurud (especially as this was the second time the crew had witnessed his unnatural fetish). Soleh Lurud said unto Doc Mitabu, “I had intended it as a gift to our Captain and his bride” as he stated earlier when questioned about bringing Owlbear Hartshorn to the party. Still Doc Mitabu pressed the issue and Soleh Lurud replied, “There are forces greater than ourselves at work here.” Finally Doc Mitabu had to simply accept Soleh Lurud’s explanation that he is sometimes possessed by those of another realm.

The adventure ended with both Soleh Lurud and Juan Carlos in the brig, Capt. Mifune consummating the marriage and Doc Mitabu wondering if he missed an opportunity to seize power.


I think Doc suggested the captain dunk Juan Carlos’ head. Otherwise, this matches what I remember. Now we just need buff Owlbear and fling him on to other ships, and we’ll win a lot of fights.

Tidewater Rock

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