Skulls and Shackles

The Scuttlebutt by Giffer Tibbs
The Love Boat

Capt. Mifune is the hot item of the past couple months. Many of the crew spotted and whispered about Rosie Cusswell sneaking off to his cabin in the night. Where whispers in Halfling were heard. His bed was not cold a week before he goes and marries Lady Agasta Smythee. Well she’s earned her cougar badge.
Doc Mitabu still pants whenever Sandara Quinn is around. But, after that whole thing with Slippery Syl most women have been avoiding him. Though, one of the fishing village women has been seen helping him out in the kitchen, with a look in her eye. Watch out Doc there may just be a marriage bug on board.
Maheem may finally tie the knot to Shivikah. They have been in each other’s view for some time and are often found fighting back to back during raids.
Barefoot Samms made her play for Tilly Brackett. Tilly didn’t say yes and she didn’t say no. She may just earn herself a nickname of Teasing Tilly.
Ratline has been throwing himself into his work and into the rum ever since he found out about CM&RC.
Aretta Bansion has been playing games between Jack Scrimshaw and Jaundiced Jape. My money’s on the half-orc.
Crimson Cogward only enjoys fighting and some of the crew wonders if he has ever been with anyone.
Badger is the only one on ship who will give Soleh Lurud the time of day, and conversation. Everyone else parts before him and if they don’t that hulking giant reaches over Soleh and moves them out of the way. Soleh has not made a play for anyone on board, but his skin is a different blue than Doc’s so who knows.
Juan Carlos etc. etc. a lot of the women have been keeping their distance. After all he abandoned his last woman after she got pregnant and Daddy was going to have a marriage of crossed swords. Though some say Sandara has been looking at him out of the corner of her eye.
We really need more gnomes on board. It’s been way to boring around here since Conchobhar died. Even, if he only really had eyes for Rosie.

Tidewater Rock

The intrepid crew of the Thunder Child had heard a story about a tower in the Shackles. If one had possession of the tower and used it as a base of operations, good luck and great renown would be granted to the owners. They set their eyes on said tower. They left the metropolis of Senghor behind them. Unbeknownst to most of the crew Rosie Cusswell left and as gone to ports unknown. The crew’s second ship was dropped off at Rickety Squibs for modifications.

The ship arrived at the tower in the middle of the night and a woman called out from the tower. After a bit of defensive verbal combat, a meeting was arranged between the officers of the ship and the head resident of the tower. The terms, however, were to bring no more than 6 crew, one of which would be held as prisoner during the dinner meeting to ensure proper manners. Soleh Lurud offered to be the prisoner, and Doc Mitabu remained on the ship; Captain Mifune, Juan Carlos Santiago Sanchez Dia de Marco, Crimson Cogward and Ambrose Kroop attended the dinner as guests of Lady Agasta Smythee, a local noble. Come to find out, the tower was the property of the family of Lady Agasta, and had been given to her as her inheritance. In addition, the story of luck and glory was true only if the tower were taken by force. The crew thought they might make some mutual arrangement to borrow the tower to get the luck, but Lady Agasta immediately squashed that line of thinking. Instead, she offered the tower as a temporary base of operations for the growing pirate fleet of the Thunder Child in return for a marriage contract with Captain Mifune. As is common in this part of the world, after a year, the marriage could be dissolved by either party. The captain also made it clear that, as a pirate, he must be gone to sea for extended periods of time and couldn’t be tied down. All was understood and agreed upon.

The wedding took place on shore the next day. As the resident cleric, Doc Mitabu performed the ceremony. Everyone was dressed in their finest. All took notice, however, that Soleh Lurud arrived with Owlbear Hartshorn in tow, the latter carrying a large water barrel filled with something—Soleh Lurud declared it to be a gift to the new couple.

After the ceremony was completed, Soleh Lurud opened the barrel and began a ritual, attaching body parts to an entranced Owlbear Hartshorn to create some ungodly monster. Soleh Lurud continued chanting and entranced many of the wedding guests. This defiance of the laws of nature was too much for the Chelish lawfulness in Juan Carlos de Marco and the latter drew his Great Sword and charged toward Soleh Lurud to end the madness.

“And so begins the entertainment”, says Capt. Mifune

Owlbear Hartshorn did attempt to protect his creator, but fell to the fierce blows of the sword.

“You meddle with things you do not understand, Chel!” says Soleh Lurud as he strides forward, readying Frigid Touch. Soleh Lurud’s blows were but glancing for the righteous zeal of the Chelaxian. The Great Sword hit home twice. Juan Carlos de Marco was bringing Soleh Lurud to death’s door despite the Captain’s orders to stop and Doc Mitabu’s attempts to separate the combatants. After Soleh Lurud fell unconscious from his blows Juan Carlos decides to end Owlbear Hartshorn. But Owlbear Hartshorn used his last reserve of strength to catch Juan Carlos’s sword and fling it into the waves. All the participants were then bound (Doc Mitabu stabilized Soleh Lurud, & Owlbear Hartshorn in the meantime), put on a boat and were taken to the ship.

On this short passage Juan Carlos Santiago Sanchez Dia de Marco sat silent until a large black tentacle rose from the water and touched him Juan Carlos began to gasp and obviously couldn’t breathe. The Captain had Doc Mitabu shove Juan Carlos’ head under the water and suddenly Juan Carlos relaxed and appeared to be breathing water. This only lasted for moments, however; he began thrashing once again and was brought back out onto the boat. Juan Carlos would say nothing other than, “I will no longer be a problem regarding Soleh Lurud.”

Doc Mitabu attempted to get the story of what happened with Soleh Lurud (especially as this was the second time the crew had witnessed his unnatural fetish). Soleh Lurud said unto Doc Mitabu, “I had intended it as a gift to our Captain and his bride” as he stated earlier when questioned about bringing Owlbear Hartshorn to the party. Still Doc Mitabu pressed the issue and Soleh Lurud replied, “There are forces greater than ourselves at work here.” Finally Doc Mitabu had to simply accept Soleh Lurud’s explanation that he is sometimes possessed by those of another realm.

The adventure ended with both Soleh Lurud and Juan Carlos in the brig, Capt. Mifune consummating the marriage and Doc Mitabu wondering if he missed an opportunity to seize power.

First Raid

Meanwhile back on the Arcadian Ocean and 3 days past:
Capt. Mifune – What there’s nothing but fish in the hold? Get Doc over here. Have him choose any fishing equipment we might need. Then set these fishermen free.

Back to the present:
You sail by the village and into the night. (Bluff Check =25, Sense Motive=3) The village has no clue.
Later after darkness engulfs land and sea. A long boat with the Captain, and some crew makes its silent way back to the village. Meanwhile Doc and Soleh slip beneath the waves. The Turtle of Terror makes a huge splash as it enters the water, and Juan in an attempt to be dashing leaps over the side and on to its back. (Acrobatics = 7) Well he’ll get up on the turtle’s back somehow.

Surprise round:
Doc manages to get to the beach first. He spies 8 warriors and 4 guard dogs. He lets loose with burst of negative energy hoping to end the battle before it begins. (2d6=10) Capt. Mifune and 1 crew member manage to kill a couple warriors in their sleep. Leonardo takes a bite out of a dog. Soleh separates his missiles into two other warriors, but the gamble does not pay off. Juan Carlos takes the head off another warrior.

Next round:
Two warriors throw down their spears and run away screaming.
Doc hurls a hunga munga into a warrior’s skull dropping him like a rock.
Apparently Leonardo loves dog meat, as another guard dog disappears. A different dog tries to take a bite of turtle but gets only hard shell.
Another warrior tries to surrender to Soleh, but Soleh just turns him into an ice sculpture.
Juan makes a mighty swing with his great sword cleaving the last warrior in twain and continuing through to shatter Soleh’s sculpture.
Leonardo will finish off the last two dogs.

You Gain: 1 point of Plunder and 3 women for your crew. (They didn’t like how your crew was pointing at them and arguing. They only speak polyglot.)
You lost: 2 NPC crew members, Any slaves you might have wanted, should you choose to be slavers. Also Doc’s big bomb managed to kill everyone else in the village, the young, the old etc. So if you could find the two warriors who ran away you could wipe a complete village out.

First Plunder

Your first pirated ship was a Sargavan fishing hooker (keelboat).

You killed Captain Vesgal Falkirk a male dwarf.

Below decks a treasure awaits.

Freshly caught mackerel and hake (worth 50 gp).

Queue the Donkey Door from Let’s make a deal.
At least your crew loves you.

Best Quote

“I’ve never made anything out of a dead captain before—its like getting a new Lego set” — Soleh

On Becoming Pirates

Huzzah for the new crew of the ThunderChild!. We got ourselves freedom, we got ourselves a ship—now what?

Thunderchild stats:
Sails 5
Crew 0
Ballista 2
Cargo 7

The Leadership Team decided the first order of business was…to acquire more crew. Many of the past crew were still around, but they seemed to be short on riggers. The plan was to have Sandara Quinn train some of the experienced crew to be riggers, then fill in the swabs with new recruits from the islands nearby.

The first port of call was a humble fishing village. Despite the Leadership Team’s best efforts at diplomacy, no one was interested in sailing to adventure and untold riches—what’s up with that? The fearless ninja captain was, however, with the help of the soon-to-be-infamous Juan Carlos, able to bluff their way into a bit more infamy as they spun stories of daring-do.

The Leadership Team had a bit more luck at the second fishing village. Because of Doc and Soleh’s skills with diplomacy, they were able to dupe happily recruit 6 more hands (pairs of) to accompany the ThunderChild into the (how many seas are on Golarion anyway?) Seas.

The ship headed off the coast for the night. Sandara Quinn and two crew were on watch. Suddenly Barefoot Samms Toppin—at the wheel—was murdered and thrown overboard(a murmuring went up amidst certain crew at the loss of a human female—the dating scene became jeopardized!). A shout of “To arms!” rang out and the crew rushed up to find two fishy-faced Sahuagins standing there, dripping wet on the conscientiously cleaned deck (the new swabs were still excited to become pirates). We can’t have that! Another moment and Sandara received a knife to the back. A battle ensued. The captain rose to glory by quickly dispatching the intruders (after being softened up by Soleh and Doc…). The new crew saw the captain’s strength, courage, and lack of mercy and began to chant: “Captain Mifune! Captain Mifune!” Any questions about the loyalty of the new crew immediately dissipated.

The crew, fired up with the realization of piracy under such a captain, called for plunder. Almost miraculously, a ship appeared on the horizon. Even more miraculously, the ThunderChild caught up to it with no problem. Their first plunder! The pirates boarded the merchant vessel post haste and yet another battle ensued. The vessel’s captain was killed, but one of his bodyguards was taken alive for later questioning. Soleh, having fired up his Frozen Hand but unable to use it before his target was dispatched by another, turned to a battling thug next to him, grabbed him around the neck, and let the spell fly. As the crew watched on, words began to spread throughout the band: “They were right!” The infamy of the ThunderChild grew yet again.

The ship was taken, four crew were acquired, Juan Carlos and his Turtle of Terror did a victory lap around the deck. What was acquired in the skirmish has yet to be determined. I love being a Turtle Pirate!

ThunderChild Stats:
Crew 9
Infamy 6

Turning up the heat at Squibs

Our Pirates make way to Rickety Squib’s to disguise their ill gotten ship from Captain Harrigan. After a some minor course adjustments, a signal flag is spotted and the ship is turned into the cove. Rickety himself comes out to fleece the new blood, who are more than willing to turn over treasures to him.

Fipps Chumlett and Syl Lonegan are sold into slavery. Maybe this will give them time to reunite after she dumped him for Doc and Doc for Pugg.

The heat was oppressive and everyday Doc had to buff up the crew. While the crew gets ready for some nine pins, a water naga attacks and drags Tashi into the river. Doc and Soleh spring into action and dive in. Mifune and Juan are a little slower but join the attack after creating a boat. The water naga is slain and Doc tries to find some other underwater intelligent creatures.

A couple days later the village was attacked by a swarm of giant wasps. Tashi was carried off by the wasps never to be seen again. The pirates did rescue Hadalya from the wasps who was grateful to Mifune.


Everyone gains a level
Send me HP, skills, spells, ability adjustment

More to come.
Anyone to describe the Mutiny and the Horror?

Or about how Sly was hanging onto Pugg’s arm when you returned?

The Brinebrood Queen

I forgot to add her items to the treasure pot.

wand of summon nature’s ally II (10 charges)
vindictive harpoon (+1 returning harpoon)
lobster pot containing grindylow flensing knives including two masterwork daggers, a masterwork silver dagger, a rusting masterwork cold iron sickle, a scrimshaw blade of great workmanship depicting an octopus, and 12 other blades of varying shape and quality

Treasure from the Cove

Scrimshawed hammerhead shark skull
There is also an ivory walrus tusk set with gold with a scrimshawed map of the Shackles
A curious harp made from the jaw of an orca set with pearls
The jawbone of a shark carved with scrimshaw images of a vast octopus eating whales and containing a dozen silver and gold rings hammered into it.
A huge hooked tooth from some colossal sea creature with a seaweed plugged cavity containing six pearls worth
A whale skull weighing 25 pounds whose scrimshaw carvings function as arcane scrolls of alter self, black tentacles, blur, color spray, daylight, enlarge person, hypnotism, slow, touch of idiocy, and vampiric touch.
In addition, a total of eight 4-pound silver ingots were attached to Sandara Quinn and Shortstone.
Lacedons’ masterwork manacles
Four magical heavy crossbow bolts
silver spearhead,
A magical set of iron bracelets
211 sp, and 136 gp in assorted coins.
Shortstone’s Gear
oil of animate rope, wand of mirror image (11 charges)
Other Gear shortbow with 12 arrows in wood quiver, sword cane*, black silk gloves, bottle of musky perfume worth fake eye patch, foppish clothing, outrageously foppish purple hat, yellow silk handkerchief, key to locker hidden down left boot;

  • See the Advanced Player’s Guide.
    Alynis’ Gear
    Backpack (empty), Bedroll, Blanket, Crossbow bolts x20, Flint and steel, Grappling hook, Heavy crossbow, Kama x2, Signal whistle, Silk rope 50’

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