Skulls and Shackles

The Ship Wreck

Soleh Lurud, the sorcerer, has ventured underwater to investigate the ship wreck. Has he swims by, oblivious to the ship’s name plate, he meets up with the ship’s current inhabitant. Time to roll initiative…

Into the Cove

The giant moray eel retreats from our heroes. Ice was new and strange for the tropical creature. The party decides to leave the beast, the shipwreck and any treasure it might have contained behind.
Soleh insists that the cave nearby is the way to go. Doc Mitabu scouts the cave for the non-swimmers in the party. He discovers a cliff dive entrance where the party can get air. Then he continues to the next place for air. Stopping here and seeing multiple passages he returns to the party.
The grindylows who were observing him put the place on alert and prepare for visitors.
The party returns and heads north they encounter six of the grindylows. It’s a battle with three of our party distracting the grindylows while the last member takes them out one by one.
The party discovers a magic wand, and some items that appear to be valuable.
The party swims around the caves randomly, and the night is ended.

The Cove continues

See Into the Cove Forum for this part of the adventure.

The Cove is Clear

The party moves deeper into the Cove.
Soleh Lurud gets stuck on some seaweed then puts his head underwater. The water turns dark.

There was some more scouting and the setting off of a death trap. No one got injured.

Then the final battle was at last enjoined. Sandara Quinn and Conchobhar Shortstone were dropped into the water by the Brinebrood Queen. They sank to the bottom with the lacedons. The Whale, Queen’s son, an aberration of a grindylow set about swallowing whole any one in his path. The battle was long and difficult. In the end we mourn the loss of Alinys Gellantara and Conchobhar Shortstone.

Treasure from the Cove

Scrimshawed hammerhead shark skull
There is also an ivory walrus tusk set with gold with a scrimshawed map of the Shackles
A curious harp made from the jaw of an orca set with pearls
The jawbone of a shark carved with scrimshaw images of a vast octopus eating whales and containing a dozen silver and gold rings hammered into it.
A huge hooked tooth from some colossal sea creature with a seaweed plugged cavity containing six pearls worth
A whale skull weighing 25 pounds whose scrimshaw carvings function as arcane scrolls of alter self, black tentacles, blur, color spray, daylight, enlarge person, hypnotism, slow, touch of idiocy, and vampiric touch.
In addition, a total of eight 4-pound silver ingots were attached to Sandara Quinn and Shortstone.
Lacedons’ masterwork manacles
Four magical heavy crossbow bolts
silver spearhead,
A magical set of iron bracelets
211 sp, and 136 gp in assorted coins.
Shortstone’s Gear
oil of animate rope, wand of mirror image (11 charges)
Other Gear shortbow with 12 arrows in wood quiver, sword cane*, black silk gloves, bottle of musky perfume worth fake eye patch, foppish clothing, outrageously foppish purple hat, yellow silk handkerchief, key to locker hidden down left boot;

  • See the Advanced Player’s Guide.
    Alynis’ Gear
    Backpack (empty), Bedroll, Blanket, Crossbow bolts x20, Flint and steel, Grappling hook, Heavy crossbow, Kama x2, Signal whistle, Silk rope 50’
The Brinebrood Queen

I forgot to add her items to the treasure pot.

wand of summon nature’s ally II (10 charges)
vindictive harpoon (+1 returning harpoon)
lobster pot containing grindylow flensing knives including two masterwork daggers, a masterwork silver dagger, a rusting masterwork cold iron sickle, a scrimshaw blade of great workmanship depicting an octopus, and 12 other blades of varying shape and quality


Everyone gains a level
Send me HP, skills, spells, ability adjustment

More to come.
Anyone to describe the Mutiny and the Horror?

Or about how Sly was hanging onto Pugg’s arm when you returned?

Turning up the heat at Squibs

Our Pirates make way to Rickety Squib’s to disguise their ill gotten ship from Captain Harrigan. After a some minor course adjustments, a signal flag is spotted and the ship is turned into the cove. Rickety himself comes out to fleece the new blood, who are more than willing to turn over treasures to him.

Fipps Chumlett and Syl Lonegan are sold into slavery. Maybe this will give them time to reunite after she dumped him for Doc and Doc for Pugg.

The heat was oppressive and everyday Doc had to buff up the crew. While the crew gets ready for some nine pins, a water naga attacks and drags Tashi into the river. Doc and Soleh spring into action and dive in. Mifune and Juan are a little slower but join the attack after creating a boat. The water naga is slain and Doc tries to find some other underwater intelligent creatures.

A couple days later the village was attacked by a swarm of giant wasps. Tashi was carried off by the wasps never to be seen again. The pirates did rescue Hadalya from the wasps who was grateful to Mifune.

On Becoming Pirates

Huzzah for the new crew of the ThunderChild!. We got ourselves freedom, we got ourselves a ship—now what?

Thunderchild stats:
Sails 5
Crew 0
Ballista 2
Cargo 7

The Leadership Team decided the first order of business was…to acquire more crew. Many of the past crew were still around, but they seemed to be short on riggers. The plan was to have Sandara Quinn train some of the experienced crew to be riggers, then fill in the swabs with new recruits from the islands nearby.

The first port of call was a humble fishing village. Despite the Leadership Team’s best efforts at diplomacy, no one was interested in sailing to adventure and untold riches—what’s up with that? The fearless ninja captain was, however, with the help of the soon-to-be-infamous Juan Carlos, able to bluff their way into a bit more infamy as they spun stories of daring-do.

The Leadership Team had a bit more luck at the second fishing village. Because of Doc and Soleh’s skills with diplomacy, they were able to dupe happily recruit 6 more hands (pairs of) to accompany the ThunderChild into the (how many seas are on Golarion anyway?) Seas.

The ship headed off the coast for the night. Sandara Quinn and two crew were on watch. Suddenly Barefoot Samms Toppin—at the wheel—was murdered and thrown overboard(a murmuring went up amidst certain crew at the loss of a human female—the dating scene became jeopardized!). A shout of “To arms!” rang out and the crew rushed up to find two fishy-faced Sahuagins standing there, dripping wet on the conscientiously cleaned deck (the new swabs were still excited to become pirates). We can’t have that! Another moment and Sandara received a knife to the back. A battle ensued. The captain rose to glory by quickly dispatching the intruders (after being softened up by Soleh and Doc…). The new crew saw the captain’s strength, courage, and lack of mercy and began to chant: “Captain Mifune! Captain Mifune!” Any questions about the loyalty of the new crew immediately dissipated.

The crew, fired up with the realization of piracy under such a captain, called for plunder. Almost miraculously, a ship appeared on the horizon. Even more miraculously, the ThunderChild caught up to it with no problem. Their first plunder! The pirates boarded the merchant vessel post haste and yet another battle ensued. The vessel’s captain was killed, but one of his bodyguards was taken alive for later questioning. Soleh, having fired up his Frozen Hand but unable to use it before his target was dispatched by another, turned to a battling thug next to him, grabbed him around the neck, and let the spell fly. As the crew watched on, words began to spread throughout the band: “They were right!” The infamy of the ThunderChild grew yet again.

The ship was taken, four crew were acquired, Juan Carlos and his Turtle of Terror did a victory lap around the deck. What was acquired in the skirmish has yet to be determined. I love being a Turtle Pirate!

ThunderChild Stats:
Crew 9
Infamy 6

Best Quote

“I’ve never made anything out of a dead captain before—its like getting a new Lego set” — Soleh


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