Plunder and Infamy

Those sailing under the fearsome flag of a pirate vessel live by different guidelines than those protected by the laws of the Inner Sea’s nations. A pirate’s life, for the most part, depends upon a foundation of respect and reputation, a scallywag’s propensity for daring raids or flaming ruin having aftershocks extending far beyond the decks of his own ship.

You find yourselves thrust into the cutthroat lives of pirates. Your success, and potentially their survival, will depend on reputations garnered from your decisions, outrages, and panache.

The following presents details and subsystems allowing GMs to track their PCs’ increasing reputation, which has ramifications throughout the Adventure Path, as well as several other systems and side games to help simulate the day-to-day responsibilities and dangers of being Shackles pirates.

The acquisition of wealth and the spread of grim reputations motivate pirates to deeds of daring and depravity.

Infamy and Disrepute

Plunder and Infamy

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