Ports of Call

Fishguts’ Advice: The best options for undertaking such a task are the neutral ports of Bloodcove and Senghor on the Mwangi Coast, or farther south, the Sargavan port of Crown’s End. Bloodcove and Crown’s End regularly cater to pirates, slavers, and smugglers, while Senghor at least turns a blind eye to pirates, so long as no piracy takes place in their waters. Senghor does not tolerate slavers, however, a fact known with a DC 10 Knowledge (local) check, so if the PCs have slaves to sell, they would be well advised to seek out a different market.
All of these ports are accustomed to servicing pirate ships and can provide all the services for repairs, supplies, and recreation that the PCs and their crew might need. Bloodcove is a small city, Senghor is a metropolis, while Crown’s End is a small town. The PCs can sell their plunder in these ports at standard percentages (see Pathfinder Adventure Path #55). In addition, the PCs can opt to sell prisoners as slaves or have them held for ransom (the latter managed by ransom brokers available within the cities themselves). Unless considered as plunder, individual captives can be sold as slaves for 75 gp each if uninjured (half that if below half hit points). Officers and other important NPCs can be ransomed for 50 gp per class level, after the brokers collect their fees.

Freeport will be taking the place of Eleder. There is a large map in the dropbox.

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