Skulls and Shackles

The Old King’s Hoard
Day 292's Treasure

A gold-plated conch shell engraved with images of sea elves and hippocampi (worth 1,200 gp) that holds a selection of putrid fish and humanoid livers (a sahuagin delicacy), a gilt tattooing kit that he uses on his slaves and concubines (worth 50 gp), and a burnished brass hand mirror (worth 20 gp). In the seaweed bed there is also a gold Varisian music box (no longer functional) that holds the ivory image of a dancing harrower (worth 400 gp). Inscribed on the underside of the lid are the words “For my darling Isabella.”

The locked sea chest is a captain’s locker. Besides the variety of luxurious silks, fine furs, exotic spices, raw gold and silver ore, and other plundered pirate booty worth a total of 10 points of plunder, the treasures include a ship’s figurehead called Besmara’s Bones, two fan feather tokens, slippers of spider climbing, an ornate crown with undersea motifs crafted of deep platinum worth 5,000 gp, and a jeweled box (worth 500 gp) containing assorted jewelry worth 2,500 gp, as well as 2,083 gp, 18,900 sp, and 25,050 cp.

Off of the Chief you recovered: Zul (+1 human bane trident, potions of cure moderate wounds (2); Other Gear masterwork scale mail, eel leather and coral war harness (worth 75 gp), deep platinum necklace worth 3,000 gp

The Chase begins after a long hard day
Day 292 Continues

Sandara heals your wounds to the best of her ability. Soleh almost dies under the knife of Doc’s apprentice Nurse Vestry. Unfortunately removing the calcified flesh then being healed by Sandara does not restore his dexterity.

Afterwards you rig some lines for a tow. Two longboats, Owlbear, and Juan with Leonardo eventually get the ship out from under the vines. The tojanida politely refuses to help you with manual labor, though he will tell you countless stories of such. A two hour search allows you to relocate the ships anchors.

And it is well into the afternoon, when you are finally satisfied with the condition of the ship.
Time to get that treasure and face down the sorceress. Of course she has had time to heal, grab the treasure and flee.

Back to the sahuagin lair you journey with Owlbear and Sandara. Into a room you did not visit previously…
Curtains of golden seaweed block either end of this room. A crudely chiseled dais sits against the back wall, supporting a stone throne of massive proportions. The throne’s eroded appearance, darkly stained stones, strange runes, and images of one-eyed beasts make it evident that it had sat in the slime at the bottom of the sea for long ages before being dragged up and placed here. The throne has been moved aside presumably with the help of a long iron rod that sits near its base.

The chamber hidden below the great throne is empty save for two chests and the body of Isabella Locke. One is an iron-banded chest decorated with skulls that seems to have held up remarkably well considering its immersion in seawater. The other is a stone box with the image of a fish-headed demon carved onto its lid, whose seams appear to have been sealed by lead. Isabella’s corpse floats near the stone chest whose lead seal has been removed. A heal check by Doc reveals she died of poison and her previous injuries. Captain Mifune finds a key and pockets it for later.

Owlbear easily lifts the iron-banded chest as you return to the throne room. Searching here. . .

Behind the east curtain you find a seaweed bed and some personal items of; you would guess to be the chief’s.

Well that didn’t take long and it is dusk when you get the treasure back aboard and set about trying to open the chest. Captain Mifune’s key works.

A Battle on two fronts

Day 292

The night time saw the loss of two crew members and Crimson Cogward. Then the ship was towed by sharks into the lagoon for the vine monster to have his play. Fortunately the vine monster is a plant and nocturnal so the crew just stayed below decks until daybreak.

Only 26 minutes after day break sees the party engulfed in a battle for their lives and the lives of their crew. Isabella Locke and Chief Krelloort with two other sahuagin and all riding sharks make their attack on the Thunder Child.

The battle starts with Isabella blasting a hole in the port side ship. Soleh engages her on the back of the tojanida. Then Chief Krelloort makes for Juan Carlos on the starboard side of the ship. A battle on two fronts splits the party as Captain Mifune joins Soleh and Doc stays on the ship.

“Fighting to the left of me. Fighting to the right. Here I am stuck in the middle again” – Doc Mitabu

Things look really bad as Juan Carlos is knocked out twice. But at last the Chief and his magic trident are taken out leaving only Isabella.

Mifune goes mano a mano with Isabella barely surviving until he makes a lucky strike with his manta cloak’s tail spike puncturing her lung. She turns invisible and flees. Doc believes that she has gone after the treasure.

Juan Carlos and Soleh are still pretty beat up and parts of each of them have turned into hard coral.

The Captain weights his decision carefully attempt to catch and kill the sorceress, heal the party, go after the treasure, repair the ship, get out from under the vine monster, sail to the other side of the island and check out those reported sails, or flee.

The Escape

Day 291:

Many encounters plague the heroes throughout this region, until. . .

Doc tried to stealthily move into the next room but was spotted.
Two sahuagin and a six foot long turtle like creature. The sahuagin were quickly dispatched. The turtle thing was quickly identified as a tojanida.

Follow link.
It loves to talk especially about itself so you can learn everything that is on that page.

It speaks aquan and thought it might be fun to be a mount like Leonardo for a while.
The group being who they are quickly decided that Soleh could ride him.

You also learn the exit to the lagoon is here. A decision is made and the party retrieved the locathah and her eggs and made their exit.

Soleh learns that the Tojanida is very fast and arrives at the ship before anyone else.

Sandara Quinn reports:
Ship was attacked by shark riding sahuagin. Attacked repelled by Sandara, Crimson, and Owlbear in the water while the crew used harpoons and crossbows from the deck. Kroop will be serving Shark for dinner.
The rudder was damaged during the fight and is not operational.
The hull was damaged but not breached.
The lookout believes she spotted sails headed for the other side of the island.

Labyrinth Underwater Lair of the Sahugin

Day 290 Continued:

A narrow earthen opening ascends into the cliff above. The cave mouth is a tight fit behind the screening vines and roots, but it looks accessible with a little effort.

The tunnel climbs to a point just below the island’s surface. Sunlight filters faintly through a rent in the earth above, where a gargantuan tree grows down into the rocky soil, its prodigious root system blocking any further progress ahead. The fissures and crevices in the bark of the tree’s trunk, just visible at the roof of the tunnel, vaguely resemble a wrinkled human visage with a craggy crown upon its brow, while the spread of roots below seems like the hoary growth of an ancient beard.

The ground here is rocky soil that must be laboriously excavated with spades and picks. After descending 10 feet, you reach the bedrock of the island and hit a 6-inch-thick layer of wooden planks laid across the pit bottom

Juan Carlos Santiago Sanchez Dia de Marco bravely attacks the wooden planks shattering them and causing him to fall.

The removal of the wooden planks reveals a sinkhole descending into the rock. It drops thirty feet to the still, dark surface of water below. The broken remnants of a wooden platform and stair cling to the wall, but the structures themselves have long since rotted away and dropped into the inscrutable depths.

You have entered the labyrinth underwater lair of the Sahugin. After an ambush and little exploration the party decides to rest.

The tunnel rises above sea level here, creating an air pocket in this series of chambers. The floor is sand and a few items of furniture are scattered about, including a table, a poorly repaired chair, a bed with a sagging frame, and a crude fence of driftwood in the rear of the chamber. The entire cavern is overgrown with vines bearing tiny violet flowers that fill the room with a cloying fragrance.

Mancatcher Cove

Day 276: Interrogation of the evil sorceress.
Doc and Juan had examined and restrained the sorceress. They removed her wooden teeth. They found a magical tongue stud that detected evil and evocation. Then Doc woke her for the interrogation. She demanded her teeth back in order to speak. She bit Doc hard as soon as she had them. Eventually she agreed to help locate the treasure for her life.

The map copied from her back had these lines:

From blue bight’s embrace
Spy the Grave Lady’s prize tooth
With the Dawnflower’s first kiss
Climb the Captain’s wayward orb
To claim old king’s hoard

Day 277: Last night my Lady Smythee whispered tales in my ear of the Captain Wolfe’s fabled hoards. We set sail for an unnamed archipelago in the Shackles north of the Ushinawa Isles and west of Besmara’s Throne. These islands lie 110 miles northwest of Tidewater Rock as the albatross flies. This last fabled treasure would soon be ours.

Day 284: We have come to the archipelago and asking the evil sorceress which of the many Islands we should sail for she makes her escape. To be sure she dripped blood all the way to whatever Isle she took refuge on.

Day 288: Mancatcher Cove forms an almost perfectly round bowl in the side of this jungle-cloaked island. The water in this circular bowl is an almost indigo hue compared to the turquoise of the waters surrounding the island, hinting at the extreme depth of the cove. Cliffs surround the bowl on all sides except the entrance, and a few small beaches have formed where the water meets the rock face. The jungle grows thickly atop these cliffs, the massive trees spreading their branches out and over the cove. From these trees a series of interlaced vines have grown like a loose net canopy 100 feet above the water, giving the cove a cavelike quality in the shadows of predawn or twilight. More vines, creepers, and roots extend down the cliffs, creating a dense maze of twisting tendrils that shroud numerous dark hollows in the rock.

We arrived at dusk. Doc and Juan take a long boat into the cove and are attacked by vines.

Day 289: Preparations for battle made us miss the timing of Dawnflower’s first kiss, but we were not attacked by any vines. The cacophony of monkey cries was almost enough to drive one mad. Sharks seem to the like the cove and the crew speculates wildly about their appearance here.

Day 290: We enter the cove, by long boat, just before dawn and the vines are restless but subside with the sun. “Ha, the vine creature is nocturnal.” exclaims Doc. There are still fins in the water.

As the first light of dawn peeks into the darkened cove from the east, the jungle cliffs come alive with patterns of shadow and light in a thousand fanciful, ever-shifting shapes. When the sun is fully up, the cliffs will return to their normal appearance, but for these few moments they are almost magical with this display of shadow art. In the shadowy half-light, a group of caves and crevices on the cliff face takes on the appearance of a grinning skull. As the morning sun illuminates the shadow that resembles the skull’s mouth, a previously unseen glint of gold sparkles brightly in the sunlight, as if the skull has a gold tooth.

The Scuttlebutt by Giffer Tibbs
The Love Boat

Capt. Mifune is the hot item of the past couple months. Many of the crew spotted and whispered about Rosie Cusswell sneaking off to his cabin in the night. Where whispers in Halfling were heard. His bed was not cold a week before he goes and marries Lady Agasta Smythee. Well she’s earned her cougar badge.
Doc Mitabu still pants whenever Sandara Quinn is around. But, after that whole thing with Slippery Syl most women have been avoiding him. Though, one of the fishing village women has been seen helping him out in the kitchen, with a look in her eye. Watch out Doc there may just be a marriage bug on board.
Maheem may finally tie the knot to Shivikah. They have been in each other’s view for some time and are often found fighting back to back during raids.
Barefoot Samms made her play for Tilly Brackett. Tilly didn’t say yes and she didn’t say no. She may just earn herself a nickname of Teasing Tilly.
Ratline has been throwing himself into his work and into the rum ever since he found out about CM&RC.
Aretta Bansion has been playing games between Jack Scrimshaw and Jaundiced Jape. My money’s on the half-orc.
Crimson Cogward only enjoys fighting and some of the crew wonders if he has ever been with anyone.
Badger is the only one on ship who will give Soleh Lurud the time of day, and conversation. Everyone else parts before him and if they don’t that hulking giant reaches over Soleh and moves them out of the way. Soleh has not made a play for anyone on board, but his skin is a different blue than Doc’s so who knows.
Juan Carlos etc. etc. a lot of the women have been keeping their distance. After all he abandoned his last woman after she got pregnant and Daddy was going to have a marriage of crossed swords. Though some say Sandara has been looking at him out of the corner of her eye.
We really need more gnomes on board. It’s been way to boring around here since Conchobhar died. Even, if he only really had eyes for Rosie.

Tidewater Rock

The intrepid crew of the Thunder Child had heard a story about a tower in the Shackles. If one had possession of the tower and used it as a base of operations, good luck and great renown would be granted to the owners. They set their eyes on said tower. They left the metropolis of Senghor behind them. Unbeknownst to most of the crew Rosie Cusswell left and as gone to ports unknown. The crew’s second ship was dropped off at Rickety Squibs for modifications.

The ship arrived at the tower in the middle of the night and a woman called out from the tower. After a bit of defensive verbal combat, a meeting was arranged between the officers of the ship and the head resident of the tower. The terms, however, were to bring no more than 6 crew, one of which would be held as prisoner during the dinner meeting to ensure proper manners. Soleh Lurud offered to be the prisoner, and Doc Mitabu remained on the ship; Captain Mifune, Juan Carlos Santiago Sanchez Dia de Marco, Crimson Cogward and Ambrose Kroop attended the dinner as guests of Lady Agasta Smythee, a local noble. Come to find out, the tower was the property of the family of Lady Agasta, and had been given to her as her inheritance. In addition, the story of luck and glory was true only if the tower were taken by force. The crew thought they might make some mutual arrangement to borrow the tower to get the luck, but Lady Agasta immediately squashed that line of thinking. Instead, she offered the tower as a temporary base of operations for the growing pirate fleet of the Thunder Child in return for a marriage contract with Captain Mifune. As is common in this part of the world, after a year, the marriage could be dissolved by either party. The captain also made it clear that, as a pirate, he must be gone to sea for extended periods of time and couldn’t be tied down. All was understood and agreed upon.

The wedding took place on shore the next day. As the resident cleric, Doc Mitabu performed the ceremony. Everyone was dressed in their finest. All took notice, however, that Soleh Lurud arrived with Owlbear Hartshorn in tow, the latter carrying a large water barrel filled with something—Soleh Lurud declared it to be a gift to the new couple.

After the ceremony was completed, Soleh Lurud opened the barrel and began a ritual, attaching body parts to an entranced Owlbear Hartshorn to create some ungodly monster. Soleh Lurud continued chanting and entranced many of the wedding guests. This defiance of the laws of nature was too much for the Chelish lawfulness in Juan Carlos de Marco and the latter drew his Great Sword and charged toward Soleh Lurud to end the madness.

“And so begins the entertainment”, says Capt. Mifune

Owlbear Hartshorn did attempt to protect his creator, but fell to the fierce blows of the sword.

“You meddle with things you do not understand, Chel!” says Soleh Lurud as he strides forward, readying Frigid Touch. Soleh Lurud’s blows were but glancing for the righteous zeal of the Chelaxian. The Great Sword hit home twice. Juan Carlos de Marco was bringing Soleh Lurud to death’s door despite the Captain’s orders to stop and Doc Mitabu’s attempts to separate the combatants. After Soleh Lurud fell unconscious from his blows Juan Carlos decides to end Owlbear Hartshorn. But Owlbear Hartshorn used his last reserve of strength to catch Juan Carlos’s sword and fling it into the waves. All the participants were then bound (Doc Mitabu stabilized Soleh Lurud, & Owlbear Hartshorn in the meantime), put on a boat and were taken to the ship.

On this short passage Juan Carlos Santiago Sanchez Dia de Marco sat silent until a large black tentacle rose from the water and touched him Juan Carlos began to gasp and obviously couldn’t breathe. The Captain had Doc Mitabu shove Juan Carlos’ head under the water and suddenly Juan Carlos relaxed and appeared to be breathing water. This only lasted for moments, however; he began thrashing once again and was brought back out onto the boat. Juan Carlos would say nothing other than, “I will no longer be a problem regarding Soleh Lurud.”

Doc Mitabu attempted to get the story of what happened with Soleh Lurud (especially as this was the second time the crew had witnessed his unnatural fetish). Soleh Lurud said unto Doc Mitabu, “I had intended it as a gift to our Captain and his bride” as he stated earlier when questioned about bringing Owlbear Hartshorn to the party. Still Doc Mitabu pressed the issue and Soleh Lurud replied, “There are forces greater than ourselves at work here.” Finally Doc Mitabu had to simply accept Soleh Lurud’s explanation that he is sometimes possessed by those of another realm.

The adventure ended with both Soleh Lurud and Juan Carlos in the brig, Capt. Mifune consummating the marriage and Doc Mitabu wondering if he missed an opportunity to seize power.

First Raid

Meanwhile back on the Arcadian Ocean and 3 days past:
Capt. Mifune – What there’s nothing but fish in the hold? Get Doc over here. Have him choose any fishing equipment we might need. Then set these fishermen free.

Back to the present:
You sail by the village and into the night. (Bluff Check =25, Sense Motive=3) The village has no clue.
Later after darkness engulfs land and sea. A long boat with the Captain, and some crew makes its silent way back to the village. Meanwhile Doc and Soleh slip beneath the waves. The Turtle of Terror makes a huge splash as it enters the water, and Juan in an attempt to be dashing leaps over the side and on to its back. (Acrobatics = 7) Well he’ll get up on the turtle’s back somehow.

Surprise round:
Doc manages to get to the beach first. He spies 8 warriors and 4 guard dogs. He lets loose with burst of negative energy hoping to end the battle before it begins. (2d6=10) Capt. Mifune and 1 crew member manage to kill a couple warriors in their sleep. Leonardo takes a bite out of a dog. Soleh separates his missiles into two other warriors, but the gamble does not pay off. Juan Carlos takes the head off another warrior.

Next round:
Two warriors throw down their spears and run away screaming.
Doc hurls a hunga munga into a warrior’s skull dropping him like a rock.
Apparently Leonardo loves dog meat, as another guard dog disappears. A different dog tries to take a bite of turtle but gets only hard shell.
Another warrior tries to surrender to Soleh, but Soleh just turns him into an ice sculpture.
Juan makes a mighty swing with his great sword cleaving the last warrior in twain and continuing through to shatter Soleh’s sculpture.
Leonardo will finish off the last two dogs.

You Gain: 1 point of Plunder and 3 women for your crew. (They didn’t like how your crew was pointing at them and arguing. They only speak polyglot.)
You lost: 2 NPC crew members, Any slaves you might have wanted, should you choose to be slavers. Also Doc’s big bomb managed to kill everyone else in the village, the young, the old etc. So if you could find the two warriors who ran away you could wipe a complete village out.

First Plunder

Your first pirated ship was a Sargavan fishing hooker (keelboat).

You killed Captain Vesgal Falkirk a male dwarf.

Below decks a treasure awaits.

Freshly caught mackerel and hake (worth 50 gp).

Queue the Donkey Door from Let’s make a deal.
At least your crew loves you.


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