Skulls and Shackles

A Battle on two fronts

Day 292

The night time saw the loss of two crew members and Crimson Cogward. Then the ship was towed by sharks into the lagoon for the vine monster to have his play. Fortunately the vine monster is a plant and nocturnal so the crew just stayed below decks until daybreak.

Only 26 minutes after day break sees the party engulfed in a battle for their lives and the lives of their crew. Isabella Locke and Chief Krelloort with two other sahuagin and all riding sharks make their attack on the Thunder Child.

The battle starts with Isabella blasting a hole in the port side ship. Soleh engages her on the back of the tojanida. Then Chief Krelloort makes for Juan Carlos on the starboard side of the ship. A battle on two fronts splits the party as Captain Mifune joins Soleh and Doc stays on the ship.

“Fighting to the left of me. Fighting to the right. Here I am stuck in the middle again” – Doc Mitabu

Things look really bad as Juan Carlos is knocked out twice. But at last the Chief and his magic trident are taken out leaving only Isabella.

Mifune goes mano a mano with Isabella barely surviving until he makes a lucky strike with his manta cloak’s tail spike puncturing her lung. She turns invisible and flees. Doc believes that she has gone after the treasure.

Juan Carlos and Soleh are still pretty beat up and parts of each of them have turned into hard coral.

The Captain weights his decision carefully attempt to catch and kill the sorceress, heal the party, go after the treasure, repair the ship, get out from under the vine monster, sail to the other side of the island and check out those reported sails, or flee.



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