Skulls and Shackles

On Becoming Pirates

Huzzah for the new crew of the ThunderChild!. We got ourselves freedom, we got ourselves a ship—now what?

Thunderchild stats:
Sails 5
Crew 0
Ballista 2
Cargo 7

The Leadership Team decided the first order of business was…to acquire more crew. Many of the past crew were still around, but they seemed to be short on riggers. The plan was to have Sandara Quinn train some of the experienced crew to be riggers, then fill in the swabs with new recruits from the islands nearby.

The first port of call was a humble fishing village. Despite the Leadership Team’s best efforts at diplomacy, no one was interested in sailing to adventure and untold riches—what’s up with that? The fearless ninja captain was, however, with the help of the soon-to-be-infamous Juan Carlos, able to bluff their way into a bit more infamy as they spun stories of daring-do.

The Leadership Team had a bit more luck at the second fishing village. Because of Doc and Soleh’s skills with diplomacy, they were able to dupe happily recruit 6 more hands (pairs of) to accompany the ThunderChild into the (how many seas are on Golarion anyway?) Seas.

The ship headed off the coast for the night. Sandara Quinn and two crew were on watch. Suddenly Barefoot Samms Toppin—at the wheel—was murdered and thrown overboard(a murmuring went up amidst certain crew at the loss of a human female—the dating scene became jeopardized!). A shout of “To arms!” rang out and the crew rushed up to find two fishy-faced Sahuagins standing there, dripping wet on the conscientiously cleaned deck (the new swabs were still excited to become pirates). We can’t have that! Another moment and Sandara received a knife to the back. A battle ensued. The captain rose to glory by quickly dispatching the intruders (after being softened up by Soleh and Doc…). The new crew saw the captain’s strength, courage, and lack of mercy and began to chant: “Captain Mifune! Captain Mifune!” Any questions about the loyalty of the new crew immediately dissipated.

The crew, fired up with the realization of piracy under such a captain, called for plunder. Almost miraculously, a ship appeared on the horizon. Even more miraculously, the ThunderChild caught up to it with no problem. Their first plunder! The pirates boarded the merchant vessel post haste and yet another battle ensued. The vessel’s captain was killed, but one of his bodyguards was taken alive for later questioning. Soleh, having fired up his Frozen Hand but unable to use it before his target was dispatched by another, turned to a battling thug next to him, grabbed him around the neck, and let the spell fly. As the crew watched on, words began to spread throughout the band: “They were right!” The infamy of the ThunderChild grew yet again.

The ship was taken, four crew were acquired, Juan Carlos and his Turtle of Terror did a victory lap around the deck. What was acquired in the skirmish has yet to be determined. I love being a Turtle Pirate!

ThunderChild Stats:
Crew 9
Infamy 6



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