Skulls and Shackles

The Old King’s Hoard

Day 292's Treasure

A gold-plated conch shell engraved with images of sea elves and hippocampi (worth 1,200 gp) that holds a selection of putrid fish and humanoid livers (a sahuagin delicacy), a gilt tattooing kit that he uses on his slaves and concubines (worth 50 gp), and a burnished brass hand mirror (worth 20 gp). In the seaweed bed there is also a gold Varisian music box (no longer functional) that holds the ivory image of a dancing harrower (worth 400 gp). Inscribed on the underside of the lid are the words “For my darling Isabella.”

The locked sea chest is a captain’s locker. Besides the variety of luxurious silks, fine furs, exotic spices, raw gold and silver ore, and other plundered pirate booty worth a total of 10 points of plunder, the treasures include a ship’s figurehead called Besmara’s Bones, two fan feather tokens, slippers of spider climbing, an ornate crown with undersea motifs crafted of deep platinum worth 5,000 gp, and a jeweled box (worth 500 gp) containing assorted jewelry worth 2,500 gp, as well as 2,083 gp, 18,900 sp, and 25,050 cp.

Off of the Chief you recovered: Zul (+1 human bane trident, potions of cure moderate wounds (2); Other Gear masterwork scale mail, eel leather and coral war harness (worth 75 gp), deep platinum necklace worth 3,000 gp



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